Phenolic resin

All products supplied by us, are produced by ISO qualified producers, and meet latest Intl. standard & relevant regulation.
These products have been used by world famous companies for long years.
Please contact us for detailed information.
At this stage, we are concentrating on PF resins used in rubber, especially in tire industry.
Our products range covers followings:
1. rubber curing resins: corresponding SP-1045,SP-1055,SP-1056
2.tackifying resins:corresponding B-20-s,SP-1068,RP-7861,& some newly developed items
3. reinforcing resin: corresponding Durez12687, DUREZ13355, RP-10424, SP-6700,SP-6701, DUREZ 12687
4. activator: corresponding AKT—73 & many others
5. TTN Cas No:41450-97-9 (metal – resin binder)
6. TCY Cas No: 638-16-4
7. dispersing agent
8. heavy metal separation TMT15
9. alkylphenol disulfide polymer accelerators: corresponding V-3, V5, V-TB710,
10 activated ZnO, MgO, SiO2 powder.
And we do have reliable suppliers of PF resins for other industry application, such as: ink, adhesive …. so, if you have some specific requirements, just let us know. We hope that you would like to try our products…
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