Carbon Black

Carbon black is a material produced by the incomplete combustion of heavy petroleum products such as FCC tar, coal tar, ethylene cracking tar, and a small amount from vegetable oil.
In our local area, carbon black is made mainly from coal tar. Shanxi is well-known for its vast coal reserve, and developed coking chemistry. Coal tar is one of the main products, and raw material.
The most common use (70%) of carbon black is as a reinforcing agent in automobile tires.  About 20% of world production goes into belts, hoses, and other non-tire rubber goods. The balance is mainly used as a pigment in inks, coatings and plastics.
Reinforcing carbon blacks
The highest volume use of carbon black is as a reinforcing filler in rubber products, especially tires.
Practically all rubber products where tensile and abrasion wear properties are crucial use carbon black, so they are black in color. Where physical properties are important but colors other than black are desired, such as white tennis shoes, precipitated or fumed silica has been used as a substitute for carbon black in reinforcing ability. Silica-based fillers are also gaining market share in automotive tires because they provide better trade-off for fuel efficiency and wet handling due to a lower rolling loss compared to carbon black-filled tires. Traditionally silica fillers had worse abrasion wear properties, but the technology has gradually improved to where they can match carbon black abrasion performance.
Types of carbon black used in rubber:

Overview of most popular qualities of carbon black used in rubber

Carbon Black for rubber

In co-operation with our local producing companies, we are supplying full range carbon black for rubber industry.
Our carbon black meets latest Intl. standard & strict requirement.

Overview of Character & Typical Application of Carbon Black


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